Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Spring Heel Jack [15 Years Of Technique]

Celebrating 15 years of Technique Recordings, Drumsound & Bassline Smith are back with their latest track Spring Jack Heel,forthcoming on their 15 Years of Technique Album.
Yes, it really has been fifteen years since Future Tech (aka Drumsound & Bassline Smith) signalled the beginning of the Technique Recordings odyssey with their eponymous debut collaboration. In that time, the drum and bass sound has spread its tendrils from the dark corners of the underground into the limelight of mainstream appreciation. And Technique has been at the forefront of that evolution all the way. So here’s an LP to show the world exactly what a decade and a half among the top tier of D&B labels sounds like. Of course, label bosses Drumsound & Bassline Smith take pole position: SPRING HEEL JACK: A cinematically epic intro that drops into the sound of sonic warfare escalating to nuclear proportions. From the veteran headliners to the breakthrough talent, from the filthy rave-wreckers to the stadium-sized anthems, this album demonstrates the versatility and innovation that has kept Technique Recordings’ status for all this time. So, better get set, another fifteen years at the top of the game starts right now.
Available now on Beatport:http://bit.ly/SpringHeelJackDNB

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