Top 5 Free Studio Essentials………

Drumsound Bassline Smith HIGH RES FINAL 0850-2

Here’s a few bits we have been using that we thought might interest you to play with. Oh and did we mention.. they are all FREE!!!!

Waves – Drumsound & Bassline smith – C6 – Stereo sidechain ‘Space-maker’

We were commissioned by Waves to give away one of our presets for their ‘artists giveaway’ promotion. So using the C6 – stereo sidechain plugin we came up with a preset to help easily create space in your mix. If you are familiar with ‘Trackspacer’ by Wavesfactory you will get the concept but there’s more options to fine tune the results and it is pretty low on cpu usage too.

Theres 300 presets from some of the biggest producers across the board to choose from but you have to go through the survey first though..



Audio Damage Fuzz Plus 3

Loving this little distortion unit from Audio Damage – with a resonant low pass filter modeled on the ms-20 this takes things from 0-100 very very fast. Watch ya Bassbins i’m tellin ya!



DB-Force – The Amen

Old and really basic but loads of fun to be had with this little freebie. Mess with the amen till your hearts content pitching it up and down and stuff. Plays the hits longer than normal too so you can make a more steppy amen..

x32 win only



Glitchmachines – fracture

Glitchmachines really push the boundaries when it comes to experimental plugins and fracture is no exception. Put it on your track, twist all the knobs and come up with some crazy business.



Xfer – OTT – Multiband compressor

The OTT is an upward and downward multi-band compressor and coming from the man Steve Duda ( of Serum fame ) you know its gonna hit the mark. Been about for a while but does the job particularly well.




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